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Problema Sa Utang?

Huwag Po Ninyong Isakripisyo ang Kinabukasan Ninyo At Ng Inyong Pamilya!

“Ako po si Attorney Ray Bulaon.
I’m a Debt Settlement and Bankruptcy lawyer PERO ang bankruptcy po SHOULD BE YOUR LAST OPTION.”

Lahat po tayo ay nagnanasa ng magandang kinabukasan hindi lamang para sa ating sarili, kundi pati na rin sa ating mga minamahal sa buhay…

Pero minsan, if you have debt problems, parang napakahirap abutin ng inyong mga pangarap. This is true especially if you have family and loved ones who are counting on you for financial support. (For example, kung kayo po ay may pamilya sa Pilipinas na umaasa sa inyo, not being able to send them what they need can be very painful for you. I understand.)

Huwag mawalan ng pag-asa! Kung kayo po ay nahihirapan sa pagbayad ng utang, you have rights under the law.

If possible, I will negotiate with your creditors and settle your debts for 50% or less so that you can save money and avoid bankruptcy.

What is Debt Settlement?

Debt settlement is paying your creditors LESS than what is originally owed. You are only paying a portion of the actual balance.

How Do I Know If My Creditors Will Settle?

I am an experienced attorney who deals only with debt relief including bankruptcy law. Most creditors are eager to settle for less because they know that if you do file for bankruptcy, they would likely receive no money.

What Happens When My Account is Settled?

You will no longer owe any money on the account. It will be closed out completely. You will no longer have use nor access to the account.

How Will This Affect My Credit?

Your credit report will list the particular account that has been “settled”. This tells potential creditors that you paid less than what you owed. This is NOT a bankruptcy, but a settlement. Unlike a bankruptcy which is a public record, a settlement tells a future lender that you handled this matter privately and paid an amount back to the creditor.

How Much Do I Need To Pay For A Settlement?

My settlement success rate is generally 50% of what is owed but sometimes, it could be as low as 10-30% depending on several factors. My fee is either a percentage of the debt owed or a percentage of the savings I obtain for you. I do charge a small initial start-up fee in beginning to let creditors know that I am representing you so that they will no longer call you. All collections calls will go to my office directly; you no longer need to speak with any of your creditors once they know that you have hired me.

Libreng Konsulta

Tumawag po kayo sa akin, Attorney Ray J. Bulaon, sa lalong madaling panahon para sa libreng konsulta. May panibagong simulang naghihintay sa inyo!

Ray Bulaon

Ray J. Bulaon, Attorney At Law

“The Filipino Community’s No. 1 Debt Relief Expert. More than 6,000 Cases Since 1998.”


*Last names not shown to protect privacy

Irene A. (Client, Valencia, CA)

“I first went to Ray unsure if he could help me, but Ray and his team did a fabulous job! They were in constant contact with me. They are so professional and knowledgeable. I'm now debt free, and a burden has been lifted from my shoulders 🙏Thank you RJB Law.”

Maral A. (Client, Glendale, CA)

Ray was easy to understand and talk to. He gave us a lot of information to help us make the best decision for us. Everyone at the law firm was helpful and friendly.

Ilene Y. (Client, Los Angeles, CA)

Having difficulty right now but I learned from my mistakes. Hoping that one day I’ll be back on track again. I made a big mistake and so I have to deal with it day by day and I learned from it Thank you to Atty. Bulaon for his help and guidance and I really appreciate it.


Name of Creditor: First National Bank of Omaha

Original Amount: $21,154.35

Settled For: $6346.00

Client Saved: $14,808.35 (70% reduction)

Name of Creditor: Discover Card

Original Amount: $12,741.41

Settled For: $6,700

Client Saved: $6,041.41(47% reduction)

Name of Creditor: Wells Fargo Visa

Original Amount: $7632.57

Settled For: $3037.03

Client Saved: $4,955.54 (60% reduction)

Name of Creditor: Capital One

Original Amount: $8736.94

Settled For: $4368.47

Client Saved: $4,368.47 (50% reduction)

Name of Creditor: JP Morgan Chase

Original Amount: $4999.96

Settled For: $2000

Client Saved: $2,999.96 (60% reduction)

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