California Cities Ranked by Debt, Santa Clarita Takes Unfortunate Second Place

California Cities Ranked by Debt, Santa Clarita Takes Unfortunate Second Place

According to a recent study from LendingTree, a popular online loan marketplace service, Santa Clarita is ranked second worst in California for personal debt per resident on average. According to the group’s findings, the average auto loan debt in the Santa Clarita Valley is about $21,000. The total average of personal loan debt considering all other types of personal loan debts is $6,031.22 per resident.

Debt types studied included:

However, as it can be seen, the study did not include personal debt caused by a mortgage. It is not known how factoring mortgages into the study would affect the outcome. Yet mortgages are common in the SCV, so it is likely the city would still rank poorly in the debt-per-resident analysis. As it is now, though, Santa Clarita was only outranked for debt by Yorba Linda, which has an average total personal debt per resident rate that doubles that of SCV.

(You can view a full article about Santa Clarita’s debt problem by clicking here and visiting the KHTS AM 1220 local radio newsgroup website.)

Helping Santa Clarita Get Out of Debt

While seeing that Santa Clarita is not faring well when it comes to personal debt on average, the news should not be any reason to panic. With a little legal guidance and some smart debt relief strategies, everyone living in SCV with personal debt can find a way to regain financial freedom.

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